A14 Management Driver Camp

29 December 2022


December 20 – 20, 2022 saw the first ever A14 Driver Management Camp, which was attended by five drivers. Nikola Tsolov, Gabriel Bortoleto, Pepe Martí, Cenyu Han and Andrés Cárdenas were in attendance to fine-tune their skills and get to further know the A14 family. 

Fernando Alonso was also at the camp to guide the drivers, with several activities taking place across the few days. These included games of football and tennis to boost the companionship between the A14 members.

The drivers also took to the track at the Museo y Circuito Fernando Alonso in karts supplied by DPK Racing. The event as a whole marked a strong end to the 2022 season and provided the drivers a chance to take on more information ahead of the 2023 season.