A14 Management has a portfolio of young drivers who are starting to develop their sporting careers and wish to optimize their skills, on and off the track. These range from the physical or media aspect to the financial one.
There are many aspects to work on to have a successful career. Here is a list of what we can offer.


We consider Karting as a fundamental step in this sport although we look at any discipline or category where a talent can emerge.

Career management_

Being at the right time in the right place. Our experience allows us to carry out evaluations and reports in order to make the right decisions at all times. Team, equipment, sponsors, training… There are many aspects to assess. We analyze the available budget to make the right decision.


We want to prepare our drivers completely and eliminate any weak points that they may have. For this purpose, experts in each field personally analyze our drivers on a constant basis. Our specialized equipment and facilities are considered among the best in the industry. Most of them work or have worked in F1 for decades.
It’s easy to improve at the beginning. The hard part is when you are already fast. We manage to extract the maximum in every area by optimizing the smallest details.


Constant contact and advice from a double world champion is something few can offer.
This allows you to arrive at each race or test day in the best possible position.
The reading of the Data or the study of each layout are aspects that are dealt with regularly.
Apart from physical preparation, the nutritional part is a fundamental aspect in the athlete’s performance. An aspect that we take very seriously and for which we rely on experts and trusted companies with which we have been working for years.
The collaboration with Alonso Kart and DPK also allows us to organize test days for all the members of the project.

Contract negotiations_

With more than 20 years of experience negotiating contracts for ourselves in F1 and other categories such as F2 or F3, we can help you in this important aspect of your career. Our driver’s best interest is always our priority in any and all negotiations.

pre services_

Communication with the rest of the world is more important than ever. Good management can have a very relevant impact on the sporting career of a driver.
We counsel our drivers on important matters such as the management of social networks, behavior with the media, web maintenance and even the creation of graphic material. All this to get the most out of the athlete’s image.


Our drivers have to be focused on the sport. A14 Management organizes our drivers’ agenda in order to lessen the impact of external situations.